What does a good communication look?  Communication is key to success with InvisiblePPC and with your clients.  More so, in the first 180 days of a new client relationship. Let’s build a long and prosperous partnership! 

Communication Options

Included in management are two communication options which is selected at the time of client onboarding.  You may chose from a 20 minute monthly catch up call or a monthly written performance analysis + 5 minute review video.

We also have a ticketing system for one-off inquiries.  We understand you'll occasionally get a question you can't answer (and your next scheduled communication is too far away) and we want to help.

For the fastest, most efficient resolution, we highly recommend including a screen sharing explaining your query.  This typically cuts down resolution time by 50% compared to just typing out the request.  There are a number of free screen recording tools available.  We recommend Loom.

If we receive frequent or excessive tickets with client performance details/questions, you will be asked to hold your request for your scheduled call or order an additional paid call to meet your needs.  We want to communicate with you, however we are committed to focusing on what is best for the client.  Excessive requests outside of our scheduled communications would take resource away from account management, which is not in the best interest of the client.

Call Location 

All calls are held on on a recorded Zoom line for training purposes. Additionally we can provide you with the recording should you need it to reference after the call. Zoom has a desktop app that makes audio and screen-sharing easy. You can join a test Zoom to test your settings here.

Recurring Calls

We encourage you to set a reminder to send call agenda points and additional questions that you or the client would like to cover on the call. These discussion points should be sent at least 3 business days beforehand, 5 days if they are larger inquiries that may need extensive research.  We want these calls to be as productive as possible!

Non Recurring Calls

When booking through Calendly we ask you to provide desired call agenda points at that time. Calendly calls must be booked at least 72 hours in advance in order to allow your Account Director time to prepare for the call and any agenda questions you send. 

Examples of typical agenda items

  • Client wants to know how much additional budget they can spend with current strategy.
  • Client would like to push for more traffic in implants, how can we achieve this?
  • Client is unhappy with lead quality, what can we do?

Some items are too big to get addressed on a call even with three business days notice. These can ‘bigger ticket’ items can include year over year reports, quarterly analysis or dimension (extensions, hour, etc) reports for set periods. If that's the case, your Account Director will let you know how long it will be for the follow up on that particular item.


InvisiblePPC will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for Agency partners to arrive at a scheduled meeting. After that point, please re-schedule your call with your Account Director at your earliest convenience. We will also send you a reminder to do so. 


We ask that all partners dial into our shared calls while seated or standing in front of a computer. This allows us to safely conduct our calls. Additionally this allows you the ability to take notes as needed.  We will ask you to reschedule your call if we find that you are in a car or location with excessive distraction.


We encourage you to take notes during your catch up calls.  Will send you call recordings upon request, however in the event of a technical issue you should have notes as a back up. Your account manager will follow up with action items, however they will not provide a detailed transcript of the call itself.

When to Schedule Your Client Meetings

There are two suggested ways to time your client meeting with your InvisiblePPC call.

  1. Hands off client? If your client has minimal questions, or the call is pertaining to questions of your own that are independent of your client, then we advise scheduling your client meetings immediately following your InvisiblePPC meeting. It allows you to ask questions of your InvisiblePPC Account Director regarding the report or performance that you might want to understand better prior to meeting the client. Additionally this order allows us to provide you with proactive suggestions to bring to your client meetings.
  2. Hands on client? If your client has lots of questions and desired action items you might want to schedule your InvisiblePPC call following the client meeting to strategize for the month to follow. This is great for clients who had detailed questions that you can "bring to your PPC guy" and get back to them on with a "game plan."