Custom Domain Names (CNAME records) are the handy fellows that link your landing page URL to your root domain (home page). The result is that your landing page URL will also be connected to your company's primary website. Instead of being directed to (which would confuse your customers), your landing page URL can be something much more palatable, like CNAME Records can be a little tricky at first, but trust us, you can do it! Using your custom domain with your Unbounce landing pages ensures strong brand alignment for your page URLs. And, for those of you with PPC campaigns, it's a must.

You'll need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider or wherever your domain is managed to point at our hosts.

If you purchased the domain from one provider, but are using a secondary provider to host that domain, you will need to make these changes in the secondary domain. For example, if GoDaddy is where the domain is purchased, but the website is hosted at BlueHost, you will need to set up the subdomain in BlueHost. A clear indicator of this is if you changed the nameserver settings at any time in your domain provider to point elsewhere. They may even be a message in your DNS settings page that indicates this.

You can follow the steps below or contact your hosting provider's support team directly.

  • Sign in to your domain hosting service
  • Navigate to your DNS Management page
  • Find the CNAME record settings
  • Create a new CNAME record
  • Enter a value for your sub-domain in the host field
  • For example, you'd enter "info" if you want to set up "" We recommend the following sub-domains depending on industry: services, offer, try, learn
  • Enter "www" here if you are using a root domain for your landing pages like "".
  • Type in the 'CNAME' field
  • Enter as the destination or address
  • Save the changes to your DNS records
  • Email us the URL that you have selected, our recommendations are,,

NOTE: Changes to your CNAME records can take up to 24hrs to propagate.

See full Unbounce directions and video here